Probation Officer Exam – What You Need to Know

Need to take the Probation Officer Exam? If so, here is some advice. For starters, make sure you get some practice with the types of questions and subject matter most likely to be on your examination.

How can you do that?

Answer: in the form of a Probation Officer Study Guide.

Here is what you need to know about the Probation Officer exam.

The exam, no matter if it administered at the federal, county, city or even local level, is quite the same. Meaning, if you need to take the exam, the format and subjects covered are quite consistent nationwide.

What are the most test’s content made up of?

Easy. Practically all exams follow a similar pattern. They include the following subjects.

1) Establishing Relationships with Probationers (Casework Scenarios, etc.), or is titled something very similar:

In this section of the test, you are basically a “probation case-worker” on the job and you are asked how you should respond to a given situation.

2) Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Paragraph Structure Or Interpreting/Apply written Material, etc.:

Many tests include a grammar portion. In this section you will need to exhibit your knowledge of the English language. This is important for several reasons. Obviously, you are trying to become a Probation Officer, so you need to be able to write reports in a clear and comprehensive manner. Thus, this section comes into play.

3) Situational Awareness section:

Which tests your ability to solve certain case problems and/or objectives. These problems can be tough. And it is highly suggested that you get some work with these types of problems in the form of either a practice exam or a study guide. The format can vary, so be sure to get some practice beforehand.

4) Terms and Concepts related to Probation Officers or any other Legal Authority:

In this section, you will be typically tested on your knowledge of certain legal phrases, probation concept and/or terms. Many applicants will be somewhat familiar with these concepts/terms, but some applicant may not. Again, getting some practice does help many probation officer exam applicants pass the exam.

Bottom Line?

Many applicants find it very helpful to use a “study guide” or some kind of “preview” type of material before actually taking the exam. This kind of action is probably good advice. After all in today’s tough economic climate you may only get one chance at taking your examination. As a result, you probably need to pass the first time to even be considered for employment.

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